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NESU is an international brand and is recognized globally to protect mobile users from Electromagnetic Radiations. Since its inception in 2001 in over a decade, NESU has made a mark and offering healthy and safe mobile communications to Cell Phone users. We aim to deliver the best and are poised to become a house hold name in near future. We are making mobile communications safer and healthier and changing the present and future of mobile users’ life style. This is revolution! This website is owned and managed by NESU General Trading, LLC, Regional Distributor for Middle East, Pakistan and India.

2001 - Research & Development

From 2001 - 2008 the research was focused on not only on the discovery of suitable materials, but also on the energy field of a human being as well as the frequencies of people and materials.

2008 - Certification

In 2008 Mr. Vulama joins the project as the commercial and marketing associate. In the same year, the company Presencia d.o.o. was founded with the purpose of giving the project a legal and commercial basis.

2012 - Patenting

In 2012, Mr. Mavrović and Mr. Lauš have filed the patent for NESU under no. P20120303A - named device for the protection of human health from the negative effects of radiation of cellular phones.

2012 - Production Start Up & Market Entry

In January 2012, the company Presencia d.o.o. has assembled a team of individuals who worked on the design of the product, sales strategy, marketing etc.

2017 - Present

NESU’s quality is being quickly recognized & accepted by its users, which is why each management segment is directed towards the excellence and growth of the project as a whole – from education, organization and production to delivery of the product to every corner of the world.

2020 - Future

Forming the NESU brand as the holder of a larger vision, set in the direction of promoting individual and social healthcare, the importance of prevention and research and development of new products that enable its users with healthier living conditions.